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Investing in People, Partnerships, and Projects

Author. Speaker. Entrepreneur.


Olutoyin has published many articles and is the proud author of the book - Advancing Beyond the Ceiling where she inspires women to aspire to top level roles particularly within Fortune 500 companies. 


Olutoyin teaches entrepreneurship programs and speaks at many Conferences in Toronto. These includes Invest in Africa, TEDx, Canadian African Professionals Forum, Ryerson University, Friends of Africa, Voice America and She Leads Africa. Topics range from business, innovation, economic development, entrepreneurship, women advancement, and economic development.


Olutoyin is advidly invested in several social enterprises targeted at the socio-econimic development of Youths and Women. These includes: Casa Foundation, AfronInvestors, EP Academy, Friends of Africa, The Exchange. Her investment firm InVcap facilitates investment transactions in Africa and Canada (Recent deals: Entrepreneurs Point, Splashworldpark)

Olutoyin serves as a consultant and advisor to entrepreneurs, youths and women in the Canadian small business sector.

Author of Advancing Beyond the Ceiling

For too long the subject of a glass ceiling on women’s careers has dominated corporate sector debates and engaged practitioners’ attention. Scholars ascribe the many travails of females’ aspiring to top-level roles to invisible barriers and hurdles that senior leaders failed to acknowledge, yet corporations have been known to suffer dire financial consequences for shutting women out of the corner office. 


Serve God and then humanity

-Olutoyin Oyelade

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