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Promoting profitable partnerships 

- Olutoyin Oyelade 

Friends of Africa

This program facilitates collaboration between African leaders (in the Public/Private sectors) and Canadian infrastructure providers. Through Roundtable discussions, planned debates and informal meetings the relevant authorities in these sectors are brought together to discuss and proffer solutions to challenges.

Women Inspire

A Celebration of Women in Business and Leadership on International Women’s Day.Women Inspire hosts Women in Business, Entrepreneurship, Trade, and Leaders across a broad spectrum in Partnership with other Corporate, Non Profit, and Public Organizations that promote, advance, and Empower Women.

Entrepreneurs Point

Started operations in 2018, to advance, empower, and develop Entrepreneurs by adopting a trifold approach of mentorship, sponsorship and partnerships. 


Entrepreneurs Point operates as a business incubator for Innovators,

start-ups, and youths. It incubates aspiring entrepreneurs and offers them paid shared-office spaces, business shadowing, mentorship, and fast-track innovation and creativity groups.

Casa Foundation

International Scholarship

A Scholarship which sponsors tuition payments of International Students in Canada. The Scholarship bridges the gaps in student funding, provides grants to innovators, and supports exceptional students with above average grade points.


Awarded to the second and third year international student enrolled full-time in a school of engineering technology and applied science program. 


Afroinvestors provides information from vertical sectors on partnerships, business expansion and career development. opportunities.


The magazine provides information on available investments across the developed and frontier markets. This magazine is produced quarterly and distributed freely to embassies, chamber of commerce and government offices across Canada, Ghana and Nigeria. 


Entrepreneprofessional advice and assistance regarding areas such as business growth, pitch for professional investments and leadership. 

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